With the strength and unmatched expertise from our team of top craftsmen by your side we can help you create your vision!

Personal integrity, professionalism, and an intimate knowledge of Costa Rica will make your dream project a reality!


Costa Built’s team consists of the highest quality craftsman’s that have been hand picked throughout Costa Rica. Our mission is to guarantee your personal design and style will be brought to life. Costa Built will establish clear communication of 100% transparency to the building process with a project management process that allows you quick access to the project details including material costs, projects schedules, and project photos; all from an internet connection or smart device. The result is clear understanding the scope of your wishes to implement an organized, efficient project that reduces delays, averts problems and increases cost efficiency. Our seasoned craftsmen will give your project a creative uniqueness and quality that separates your building from the rest.


Costa Built has established outstanding contacts in sourcing all materials directly from manufacturers thus cutting out the middleman and saving high costs to the client. We have sources directly from farms for Teak, Eucalyptus, Pine, Manglio, Bamboo, Cedar and many more exotic hardwoods. In addition, we have direct contact for various rocks, stones, gravel, lastre, coral, etc.  All of these materials can be milled to the exact specs of your project and thus cut costs and increase quality. Not all building are made the same…


Attention to detail is key and we have the eyes to help you create something more unique and functional. We will help keep you focused on creating a consistent design theme from the structure of the building to the paint on the walls you. We are one of the few that have built building in various markets from the U.S, Europe to Costa Rica. All of our design knowledge will be passed to your project to create a outstanding building!


Unlike most companies Costa Built gives a profit share to their workers. We believe this gives pride to our employees, as they feel committed to the project success. All workers are placed on Caja and Ins and are legally able to work in Costa Rica. They are all provided workers and medical insurance and holiday benefits.


Costa Built will provide accounting spreadsheets detailing all material and labor costs. Monthly receipts will be presented of all materials once a month. All labor will be given and paid every 2 weeks.

Managing Costs:

Costa Built will do everything necessary to reduce construction costs without sacrificing quality and integrity to the building. We will offer as many alternatives and costs options on various materials through out the project to give the owner the choice of what they feels best fits their budget best.